Our Story

Before Terremoto Cellars was even a dream, we were embarking on another more practical Midwestern career path until work inadvertently, and ever so slightly, nudged us in a different direction, even if we weren't aware of it at the time. With travel obligations for work, we were faced with the quandary of being apart a good deal of time. In order to celebrate the moments we had together, a weekend dining tradition was born filled with food, love, laughter and wine.

Pilgrimages from the Midwest to San Francisco, Napa and Sonoma soon followed, spurring a wine collection that caused our cellar and lives to overflow with wonderful wines, good friends, great stories and a nickname – the "Wine Kids".

After several wonderful years of wine collecting and traveling to California, the rumblings of Terremoto Cellars began. Shortly thereafter we picked up stakes and made the 2,000 mile cross-country trek to California in search of our place in the world of wine. This brings us to where we are today – making Terremoto Cellars – wine that's an earth moving experience.