Wine Style

The earth moving wine style of Terremoto Cellars was born out of indecision and perfected by necessity. From our first 20 gallon batch of Syrah that was fermented in a tiny spare bathroom in four separate lots, using two different yeasts, cooler fermentation temperatures and a mix of oaks, we discovered the variable advantages to micro processing and in the end reaped the lasting rewards.

Micro processing allows us to exercise greater control over every step and the benefit of utilizing smaller vessels and equipment which can easily be stowed away when not in use, whereby minimizing our facility's footprint.

Although our spaces have progressively gotten larger, we have never strayed far from our original methods of crafting expressively multi-dimensional wines utilizing the advantages of small batch processing. Small batch processing allows us to carefully harness the full range of unique flavors of the vineyards we source our grapes from by breaking them down into several smaller fermentations, utilizing multiple yeasts, cooler temperatures and extended skin contact to help maximize extraction of even subtle nuances of the grapes.

Multiple types of yeast coax and enhance different facets of each varietal we ferment. Smaller fermentation vessels allows us to better manage temperatures to ensure the cooler fermentation temperatures and extended skin contact we prefer to retain aromatics and well integrate tannins. After fermentation, the wines can be processed separately or blended together as they weave their way through the final stages of the winemaking process. These batches can remain as small lot stand-alone wines or blended into complex, multi-dimensional vintage and non-vintage wines from a single source, varietal or blend.

Although most of our wines are ready for immediate consumption, given their big, bold, earthmoving nature, we have chosen to delay releasing some wines for greater enjoyment at the appropriate time. We've chosen your enjoyment versus our immediate financial gain. From a business standpoint it may seem counterproductive – first in still here - but our focus is the wines and our customers. Without our customers there would be no earth moving wines of Terremoto Cellars.